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A large collection of drinking gifs featuring your favourite fictional alcoholics!


Being “the cause and solution to all of life’s problems”, alcohol can come up in a lot of conversations. And since gifs are becoming the preferred method of online communication, we collected 30 drinking gifs for alcoholism of all kinds.

“If you’ve never taken a nap on the sidewalk, then you don’t know how to drink.”

– BoJack Horseman

We’ve scoured the world wide web for drinking gifs, and created some of our own. Save em’ and use em’ – gifs make great alternatives to actual words.

🍺 AND… We’ve included links to many of our best drinking games. Just click on the gifs below to find our corresponding drinking games.

Drinking GIFs Tyrion


1. The perfect pour. 

Drinking GIFs Tyrion

2. Hair of the dog. 

Drinking GIFs - Bojack Horseman

3. But first, drink. 

Drinking GIFs - Drinking Buddies

4. When you don’t even know what you’re drinking. 

Drinking GIFs - Crazy Stupid Love


5. Drinking with friends.

Drinking GIFs - We Are Your Friends


6. Say when.

Drinking GIFs


7. Time for another pint. 

Drinking GIFs - Trainspotting


8. Moe’s.

Drinking GIFs - The Simpsons



Drinking GIFs - Wedding Crashers


10. More SHOTS!

Drinking GIFs - Master of None


11. Musical SHOTS!

Drinking GIFs - The Greatest Showman


12. Atlanta SHOTS!

Drinking GIFs - Atlanta


13. SHOTS that make you dance!

Drinking GIFs - Man Up


14. SHOTS!… before you Flatline.

Drinking GIFs - Flatliners


15. Margarita Mondays!

Drinking GIFs - Fuller House


16. One drink later.

Drinking GIFs - Brooklyn Nine-Nine


17. You think a first class girl can’t drink?

Drinking GIFs - Titanic


18. When you don’t have to drive.  

Drinking GIFs - Good Girls Revolt


19. When you don’t even know what shot you’re on.  

Drinking GIFs - Raiders of the Lost Ark


20. When someone says they can out drink you.

Drinking GIFs - Atomic Blonde


21. When you kill the bottle. 

Drinking GIFs - Justice League


22. All class. 

Drinking GIFs - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


23. When you hear it’s an open bar.

Drinking GIFs - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


24. When you’re asked if you’d like another.

Drinking GIFs - Big Little Lies


25. When you’ve hit your limit. 

Drinking GIFs - Zombieland


26. When you’re a confirmed alcoholic.

Drinking GIFs - The Recruit


27. When shit gets really crazy. 

Drinking GIFs - Twin Peaks 2017


28. When you drink faster than everyone else. 

Drinking GIFs Tyrion


29. When your drink is a little too good.

Drinking GIFs - Game of Thrones


30. The drink you need.

Drinking GIFs - Game of Thrones


31. The drink you need pt. 2


32. It’s wine’o’clock. 

The Bachelorette Drinking Game


33. More wine.

Game of Thrones Drinking GIFs Cersei


34. When wine is all you have left.


35. When you say you’re only having one.

Drinking GIFs - Amy Schumer


36. When all you need is the bottle.


37. When you’re keeping it classy. 

Drinking GIFs - Mad Men


38. When you bring your own.

Oceans Eleven Drinking Game


39. When there’s a little extra in your tea.


40. When there’s always been a little extra in your tea.


41. When you’re not joking around anymore. 

Drinking GIFs - Groundhog Day


42. When you drink like a pro. 

Drinking GIFs - Skyfall


43. A martini. Shaken, not stirred. 

Drinking GIFs - Quantum of Solace


44. 007 spirits.  


45. When you’re in the holiday spirit(s).  

Drinking GIFs - Bad Santa


46. When you’re not in the holiday spirit.  


47. Santa needs a drink. 


48. New Year’s!  


49. When you stop for a brew in Hobbiton. 

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King Drinking Game


50. This, my friend, is a pint.


51. Ent Draft. 

The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Drinking Game


52. New Groove Drinks

The Emperor's New Groove Drinking Game


53. Fresh.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Drinking Game


54. Non-alcoholic.


55. Underage.

Jingle All the Way Drinking Game


56. Sugar Rush


57. Sugar Rush pt. 2


58. Sugar Rush pt. 3


59. Taking the day off.


60. Drinking and War Games.


61. First drink of the night.


62. Last drink of the night.


63. Making Cocktails


64. Making Cocktails in the 80s.


65. Making Cocktails on the Millennium Falcon.

Solo A Star Wars Story Drinking Game


66. When the bartender tries to cut you off. 

Drinking GIFs - The Shining


67. All inclusive. 

Drinking GIFs - Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


68. YESSS!!


69. Yaaas.


70. Satisfied sip.


71. Maniacal sip.


72. Skeptical chug.

Colossal Drinking Game



Drinking GIFs - The Nice Guys


74. Beer CHEERS!

Netflix The Package Drinking Game


75. When you need a cold one.


76. When beer is not enough.

Rick and Morty Drinking Game


77. One for you, one for me. 

2018 Golden Globes Drinking Game


78. Back off with your judgment. 


79. When your parents are fighting.


80. When you run out of ideas for drinking gif titles. 

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle Drinking Game


81. When your friends say you’ve had too much. 

Drinking GIFs - Arrested Development


82. When your friend says they’re too tired. 

Drinking GIFs Cersei


83. CHUG!

Drinking GIFs The Hound


84. Mom CHUG!






87. Getting the last drops.


88. The end of the night. 

Drinking GIFs Tyrion


Looking for drinking games to go with your gifs? You’ll have a great time with our collections: