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88 Drinking GIFs Because Words Are Overrated

Looking for a Drinking GIF? Being “the cause and solution to all of life’s problems”, alcohol can come up in a lot of conversations.

Here’s a large collection featuring your favourite real life and fictional alcoholics because gifs make great alternatives to actual words.

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12 of the Best Drinking Games For Two

No one likes to drink alone. At least, not many want to admit they like to drink alone, so that’s why we’ve assembled this list of drinking games for two.

Each of these selections has a touch of romance without being overpowered by it. Perfect for a fun night with a friend or that special someone.

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Rules that always apply

  • Wait, did that count?” Yes it did. If you question a rule, it counts.

  • Oh you “just drank.” Too bad. Rules are rules, drink again.

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