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Best Netflix Christmas Movies With Drinking Games 2020

There’s a shocking abundance of Netflix Christmas movies out there. Here are 17 of the best Netflix Christmas movies with drinking games!

As Netflix churns out more Christmas movie cheer each year, we’ll be sure to update this post to roll with the holiday punch(es). 🍷

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10 Pandemic Movie Drinking Games to Get You Through Quarantine

Our list of Pandemic Movie Drinking Games will help you pass the time with characters straight out of our possible future. 

Sit back with your favourite drink (or whatever you can scrounge up without going out) and stay inside in front of the television like your life depends on it. (Because it kinda sorta does.)

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Rules that always apply

  • Wait, did that count?” Yes it did. If you question a rule, it counts.

  • Oh you “just drank.” Too bad. Rules are rules, drink again.

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