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2024 Oscars Drinking Game

2019 Oscars Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Music tries to cut off a speech 🎼
  • Anyone uses their speaking time for a cause
  • There’s a montage
  • There’s a musical performance 🎤
  • They cut to commercials

EXTREME VERSION: Add in anytime an Oscar is announced 🏆


“Nothing can take the sting off the world’s economic problems like watching millionaires present each other golden statues.

– Billy Crystal
2023 Oscars Drinking Game

The most relevant and socially savvy awards show in the galaxy is back! And this time, there’s NO WAY anyone can say “OscarsSoWhite!” From African American actors like Jeffrey Wright to Colman Domingo to Da’Vine Joy Randolph to Native American actress Lily Gladstone to iconic Jewish actor Bradley Cooper, this year’s Oscars are full of diversity. 

This year, the box office was saved by Barbenheimer. The films—both biopics of American trailblazers, one a person made of plastic discovering her humanity and the other a human discovering his lack of it—brought people back to movie theatres en masse. But, of course, as everyone around the world knows, staggering tragedy has befallen one of the films. Barbie‘s female director and female star have been savagely snubbed by the Academy. In an apparent move to comfort a traumatized nation, Ryan Gosling will celebrate feminism by singing “I’m Just Ken”—a song celebrating masculinity. 

10 movies are nominated for best picture this year, but only one will win. Who will it be? Does anyone care? Let’s find out!