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 Bojack Horseman Drinking Game

BoJack Horseman Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Someone says “BoJack”
  • Someone says “Diane”
  • There’s any reference to “Horsin’ Around”
  • You see animal pun in the background 🐴
  • A character behaves like their animal
  • Bojack drinks or does drugs
  • There’s a real or fake celebrity cameo


“If you’ve never taken a nap on the sidewalk, then you don’t know how to drink.”

– BoJack Horseman

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We can’t think of a horse that we’d rather drink with. This show is a thorough(bred) study of a deeply complicated character. Plagued by self-doubt and his own destructive vices, BoJack’s search for inner peace and acceptance is something any thinking person can relate to. Oh yeah, and it’s also a hilarious show filled with animal puns and pop culture references.

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Drink When BoJack Horseman Drinking Game

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