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Big Mouth Drinking Game

Big Mouth Drinking Game

Drink When

  • They say or reference a “Penis” or “Dick” 🍆
  • They say or reference a “Vagina”
  • A Hormone Monster shows up
  • A ghost or the Shame Wizard shows up
  • You personally relate to an awkward moment 😳

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Nick(y)” or “Andrew”

“I will burn this place to the ground and fuck the ashes!

– Hormone Monster

📽 Watch the trailer

An ode to the awesome awkwardness and puerile pain of puberty, this show dives straight into the relatable mess that is adolescence. Toeing the line between morbidly perverse and heart wrenchingly honest, creators Nick Kroll and John Mulaney created a hilarious show about the loss of innocence all people experience, whether they want to or not. This show is unique in showcasing the female pubescent experience alongside the male with a frankness and openness that only a few years ago would be unheard of. It’s another cartoon success story for Netflix, following in the footsteps of contemporary classics such as BoJack Horseman.