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Justice League Drinking Game

Justice League Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Steppenwolf”
  • Anyone says or you see “Box(es)” 🔲🔳🔲
  • You hear a superhero’s first name
  • A character is introduced
  • There’s any reference to Superman
  • There’s slow-motion ⚡️
  • There’s an unnecessary shot of Diana’s behind


“I’m a big fan of justice!

– Superman

📽 Watch the trailer

Oh boy. What a shame. While potentially not as bad as Suicide Squad, this dumpster fire of a film squanders the good will that Patty Jenkins provided DC with Wonder Woman. The production of Justice League was mired in a myriad of problems, including digitally removing Superman’s moustache, but even so, trying to introduce three new superheroes to join Batman and Wonder Woman against a brand new villain in only two hours is a tall order. With bad writing, acting, editing, graphics, cinema… It ain’t good. But on the plus side, it’s *only* two hours.