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Mean Girls Drinking Game

Mean Girls Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Regina”
  • Anyone says “Fetch”
  • Aaron Samuels is mentioned
  • You hear a 2000’s pop song
  • They revert to animals
  • There’s narration

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Cady” for an additional 35+ drinks


“Oh, no. It was coming up again, word vomit… no, wait a minute…”

– Cady Heron

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Follow Cady as she struggles to navigate the social hierarchy of her new high school. Will she overthrow the infamous plastics and led by the evil Regina George… or will she become one? Written by comedy legend Tina Fey, this film is a modern day classic and one of the most quotable movies ever made. And not only that, it’s full of undeniably fetch performances from its talented cast.

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Drink When Mean Girls Drinking Game

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