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2022 Oscars Drinking Game

2019 Oscars Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Music tries to cut off a speech 🎼
  • Anyone uses their speaking time for a cause
  • There’s a montage
  • There’s a musical performance 🎤
  • They cut to commercials

EXTREME VERSION: Add in anytime an Oscar is announced 🏆


“Nothing can take the sting off the world’s economic problems like watching millionaires present each other golden statues.

– Billy Crystal
2022 Oscars Drinking Game

The Oscars are back and they’re more in touch with movie-going audiences than ever! Okay, well, maybe not. (No nomination for Spider-Man: No Way Home?)

But there are still some great movies nominated this year and even greater performances. Benedict Cumberbatch learned how to play the banjo and castrate a bull, Andrew Garfield learned how to sing and dance, and Rachel Zegler… didn’t get invited to the Oscars… 🤦‍♀️

Embarrassing clerical errors aside, it’s time to toast Hollywood yet again. Grab your favourite drink and kick back with our 2022 Oscars Drinking Game.