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2017 Golden Globes Drinking Game

2017 Golden Globes Drinking Game

How will you make it through the 3+ hour spectacle? This 2017 Golden Globes drinking game will help you award-show-it-up like the celebrities. (Unlike the stuffy Academy Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press likes their celebrities a little looser.) With Jimmy Fallon setting the tone of the night, you can expect accommodating, un-Ricky-Gervais-like humour, games and a touch of musical charm. We’re also quite sure the night won’t end without a few Trump jokes.

Drink When

  • You see the audience with alcohol 🍾
  • Anyone’s speech is cut off
  • Anyone uses their speech for a cause
  • Jimmy cracks or laughs at himself
  • Jimmy begins a game
  • Jimmy orchestrates anything musical
  • Anyone mentions Trump, election, awful 2016…

EXTREME VERSION: Take an additional drink for every Golden Globe announced


Let’s make the Globes Gold again!

– Jimmy Fallon, 2017 Golden Globes drinking game host

2017 Golden Globes Drinking Game