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Ahoy! Are you ready to sail on the high seas in search of adventure, treasure, and glory? Before you take the plunge, here are 8 quick tips to help you prepare for the voyage ahead in Sea of Thieves. 

From choosing the right ship to having a strategy to stay alert, these tips will give you the upper hand in your quest for discovery. So, get ready to set sail! 

Read These Tips Before You Play Sea of Thieves

Here are the top tips you need to begin playing Sea of Thieves. 

  1. Choose the Right Ship

Choosing a ship is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make before you embark on your journey.

The vessel for your voyage will depend on the size, type of ship, and the number of players. Smaller ships are great for lone adventurers. Larger ships can accommodate larger crews and hold more supplies for longer voyages.

For two-player crews, a Galleon or Brigantine is ideal. For four-player crews, a Galleon is the way to go. Remember, the bigger the ship, the more supplies you’ll need to bring along!

  1. Prepare Your Supplies

Before you set sail in Sea of Thieves, it’s important to make sure you have all the supplies you need for your voyage.

Stock up on food, drinks, ammunition, and repair kits—you’ll need these if you get into trouble at sea.

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Controls

Getting yourself familiarized with the controls will allow you to have a successful voyage. Take some time to get comfortable with the movement controls and learn how to sail the ship.

You’ll also need to learn how to use weapons, such as cannons and harpoons, to take on any enemies you may encounter. You’ll then be ready to take on whatever the sea throws at you!

  1. Learn to Perform an Evasive Maneuver

You must know how to perform an evasive maneuver when heading for land or rocks. For example, try turning the ship in a different direction and increasing speed to avoid collisions. Also, your ship will spin anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees if you lock the wheel in one direction before dropping the anchor.

If you need to swerve around an obstacle, you can use the rudder to help you turn the ship.

  1. Learn How to Hide Your Treasure

Knowing how to hide your treasure is important to prevent thieves from taking off with your loot.

Consider stowing them in the crow’s nest or on the topsails of your ship. You can also hide items like skeleton fort keys and treasure in foliage or shallow water if you come under attack while completing a quest or raid.

  1. Fire Below the Waterline 

Aim below the waterline of the other ship if you want to sink enemy ships with minimal damage to your vessel.

You can also fire your cannons while moving, which can help you avoid taking damage from your target’s cannons.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to take out your opponents in no time!

  1. Keep an Eye Out for Flocks of Birds

Keep an eye out for flocks of birds while sailing in the Sea of Thieves. The presence of birds might mean treasure or the presence of enemy ships. If you spot a flock of birds gathering in one area, use your spyglass to look at it. You never know what you might find! 

  1. Beware of Watchtowers

Be wary of watchtowers. If you see one light up, it’s best to turn around and take a different route, as it means that other players have spotted you. But you can also use watchtowers to your advantage—if you spot a light coming from a watchtower, you can use it to locate other ships and determine their direction. 

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it—8 quick tips to help you prepare for your voyage on the high seas.

With the right preparation and knowledge, you’ll be ready for a successful and exciting adventure. You can visit for further information about succeeding at Sea of Thieves.  

From picking the right ship to stocking up on supplies to knowing how to fire below the waterline, these tips will have you ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. 

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