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Super Bowl 52 Drinking Game


Super Bowl 51 Drinking Game

Drink When

  • The Super Bowl 52 logo appears
  • You see the outside of the U.S. Bank Stadium
  • You see a celebrity in the audience
  • There’s a touchdown
  • There’s an interception
  • There’s a sack
  • You see a commercial for the first time

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Patriots” OR “Eagles”. If you’re extra daring, add both.


“Son, when you participate in sporting events – it’s not whether you win your lose, it’s how drunk you get.”

– Homer Simpson

It’s the greatest Sunday of the year! The one where we get to watch guys nearly run themselves to death while we stay at home with chips, beer, and ten different kinds of ranch dip! If Sunday sports isn’t enough to bring people together, maybe a Super Bowl 52 Drinking Game can.

This year, it’s the Patriots (AGAIN??) facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles. Hopefully this year all of the balls will be fully inflated, so that we can focus on the more pressing issue of whether or not Justin Timberlake is going to cause another nip-slip during the halftime show. It’s probably unlikely, but then again, the United States does cherish its traditions.