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Bird Box Drinking Game

Bird Box Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Birds”
  • Anyone says “Blindfold”
  • You hear or see the birds 🐥
  • You see through the blindfold
  • They speak under a blanket
  • There’s an overhead view of the river 🏞
  • Someone dies


“Never take off your blindfold.

– Malorie

📽 Watch the trailer

An ocular take on A Quiet Place, this massive hit for Netflix garnered a whopping 45 million member views in its first week. Sandra Bullock plays a pregnant woman caught up in the middle of an apocalyptic event caused by enigmatic creatures that drive people who look on them to suicide. Featuring strong performances from a recognizable cast that includes Ocean’s 8 alum Sarah Paulson, this is a perfectly serviceable film for fans of the apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic genre. This film became so popular among fans in the weeks following its release it inspired the “Bird Box Challenge”, in which people would film themselves walking or driving around blindfolded. Seriously.