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State of the Union Drinking Game

2019 Trump State of the Union Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Trump says “Economy” or “Jobs”
  • Trump mentions or aludes to the “Impeachment”
  • Trump sniffs 👃
  • Trump brings up an opponent
  • Trump noticeably goes off prompter
  • There’s a Republican standing ovation 👏
  • Pelosi throws shade 🕶

EXTREME VERSION: Add in “America” 


“We love winners. We love winners. Winners are winners.”

 – President Donald Trump
Trump 2018 State of the Union Drinking Game

As we near the end of the Trump presidency, it’s time for a drink! Play the 2020 State of the Union Drinking Game. 🍺

The term, “The State of the Union”, was first coined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and later became the official title under President Harry S. Truman. Who could have guessed that so many decades later the State of the Union would occur during President Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial? But here we are. If you’re bothering to watch this year, we offer this drinking game in the hope it will bring those of you living in the worst timeline some comfort during this absurd time in history.