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2017 Oscars Drinking Game

2017 Oscars Drinking Game

How will you make it through the 3+ hour spectacle? This 2017 Oscars Drinking Game will help you award-show-it-up like the celebrities. Well… not really. They don’t serve alcohol at the Academy Awards. Which, if you think about it, means that we are having more fun than the celebrities. That’s something. 

Drink When

  • Someone says “And the Oscar goes to…”
  • The camera cuts to the loser(s)
  • Music cuts off someone’s speech
  • Anyone mentions politics or Trump
  • Anyone uses their speaking time for a cause
  • There’s a montage

EXTREME VERSION: Add in anytime someone says “La La Land”


“Well, let’s be honest: There’s a good chunk of America that doesn’t know that Jimmy Fallon and I are different people.”

– Jimmy Kimmel, 2017 Oscars Drinking Game Host

2017 Oscars Drinking Game