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A bridal shower is an opportunity to put a spotlight on the lovely bride-to-be. This post covers how to plan an ultimate bridal shower event, including how to serve up the best drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic!) 

The drinks you’ll serve up can really make your bridal shower stand out. But the question is: how does one go about choosing the best drinks for their party? Below, we share tips to help you serve up unforgettable concoctions. Read on! 

Consider Your Guest List 

Before you decide on the drinks for your bridal shower, think about your guest list. Are you inviting just your girlfriends, or will there be a mix of genders? Are they all close friends, or will there be family members and acquaintances too? Will little kids or teenagers be allowed at the event? All of these factors will help you figure out the types of drinks you should serve. 

Let’s say you’ll have a mostly female crowd. With this, you might want to add sparkling wine or champagne to your list. If there will be some tots running around, you can make some non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails to keep them happy and entertained. And if you’re having a mixed group, it’s best to offer a variety of drinks, including beer, wine, and cocktails. 

Choose a Theme 

Having a theme for your bridal shower can make planning easier and more exciting. Plus, it can help guide your drink choices. If you’re having a brunch bridal shower, for example, you might want to serve mimosas or Bloody Marys. Going for something more tropical? Serve up fruity cocktails with umbrellas and cute garnishes! 

Whatever theme you choose, make sure the drinks complement it. You don’t want to serve a heavy red wine at a summer garden party or a pumpkin spice latte at a beach-themed shower.

Make It Interactive 

A successful bridal shower is more than showing off the gorgeous engagement ring. One way to make your bridal shower more memorable is by making the drinks interactive. You can set up a DIY mimosa bar where guests can mix their own mimosas with different juices and fruits. Or you can have a cocktail-making station where guests can learn how to make a signature drink.

Another fun idea is to have a wine tasting where guests can try different types of wine and vote on their favourite. You can even have a prize for the winner, like a custom wine stopper or a set of wine glasses. 

Consider playing an interactive drinking game to a classic romantic film or a bridal-themed comedy like Bridesmaids, The Princess Bride, or The Wedding Planner.

Keep It Simple 

We know it’s super tempting to impress your guests with fancy drinks, but you know what they say: “Simple is best!”

As much as you can, keep your drink menu simple. You don’t want to spend all your time mixing complicated cocktails or cleaning up spills. Stick to drinks that are easy to make and serve, like punch or sangria. 

You can also make big batches of drinks ahead of time, so you’re not stuck behind the bar all night. Just make sure to have plenty of ice, glasses, and garnishes on hand. 

Consider the Season

The season can also play a role in your drink choices. If you’re having a winter bridal shower, you might want to serve warm drinks, like mulled wine or hot cocoa with Baileys. If you’re having a summer bridal shower, you can make some refreshing cocktails, like mojitos or margaritas. 

Don’t forget to decorate your drinks according to the season, too! For example, you can add cinnamon sticks to your winter drinks or fresh fruit to your summer drinks. 

Provide Non-Alcoholic Options 

Don’t forget to provide non-alcoholic options for guests who don’t drink or who are driving! You can make some virgin cocktails like mojitos or piña coladas. You can also serve some refreshing drinks like lemonade or iced tea. 

Adding some non-alcoholic beverages to your drink menu makes sure that everyone invited feels included and comfortable at your bridal shower. It’s important to be mindful of guests who may not drink for various reasons, such as religious or personal beliefs, pregnancy, or health issues. Providing non-alcoholic options shows that you care about all of your guests and want them to enjoy the celebration in their own way. 

Don’t Forget the Water! 

While it’s important to have a colourful variety of drinks available for your guests, it’s also essential to provide water. Not only is water necessary to stay hydrated, but it can also help guests pace themselves if they’re drinking alcohol. 

To make it more fun, you can serve water in pretty pitchers or bottles or add sliced fruit or herbs to infuse the water with flavour. You can also provide water bottles for guests to take home as a party favour. Water is a simple way to show some TLC to your guests and their wellbeing. 

Serving Up Great Drinks for an Unforgettable Bridal Shower

Choosing the best drinks for your bridal shower is all about considering your guests, the theme, and the season while also keeping it simple and providing non-alcoholic options. With these tips, you can serve up a delicious and memorable drink menu that will make your bridal shower even more unique and special. So here’s to you and your upcoming big day! 

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Article written by: Katie Pierce