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We’re passionate about creating and playing drinking games for movies and events, but when Drinking Problems told us more about their built-from-scratch, card-based drinking game, we wanted to help them get the word out.

It’s packed with engaging questions and various mini-games that can be played pretty much anywhere and with any sized group. But what we love most about it is it was made by someone who’s passionate about playing drinking games! 

NOTE: **This is not a sponsored post**

Vincent Cropper created Drinking Problems to get people talking. Drinking Problems is a “social” drinking game that’s simple to play and features unique question and quiz cards to spark engaging and fun conversations.  

Vincent wanted to make cards that would turn heads with difficult questions. What he’s learned by playing this game is people’s answers are the most interesting part of game night. The card deck holds many different types of cards: classic, rule, question, vote/debate, and activity cards—and they usually end with someone taking a drink. 

Card Examples: 

What day is my birthday?  The first person to say it wins. All the losers must drink. 

Vote: who acts like they are the main character in a movie? That person must drink. 

Tell the story of the last time you stole something, or take a shot! 

The person with the worst Driver’s Licence/ID photo must drink. 

Vincent’s story: 

Vincent Cropper came up with this game when he was having a phone call with a friend. They asked him: “Would you take $500,000 if it means you can’t have kids?” Vincent couldn’t answer. It kept him up at night. His mind was so occupied with the question that he started to think of others just like it. He came up with the idea of having a 45 second quiz that asked questions just like that. As he developed the quiz more, he added activities and spelling tests to make the Impossible Quiz—the original name for his signature Problems Quiz cards. 

From there, Vincent started making cards with engaging challenges like: take a drink like T-Rex. For this card, you have to mimic the arms of a T-Rex, keeping your wrists against your chest as you try to lift your drink to your mouth to take a sip. 
​​We hope you’ll consider supporting this from the ground up Kickstarted campaign. Play it with friends, keep it as a coffee table game, or give someone a gift that will bring them endless memories.