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Zoolander Drinking Game

Zoolander Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Hansel”
  • Anyone says “Mugatu”
  • Anyone says “Good looking”
  • A word is said incorrectly
  • There’s a cameo
  • “Relax” plays or is referenced 🎧

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Derek” for an additional 60+ drinks

“I might just have an idea. They’ll be looking for us at Maury’s right? But they won’t be looking for… not us.

– Derek Zoolander

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Ben Stiller plays one of his most iconic roles in this movie about a cluelessif not really, really, ridiculously good looking—male model in search of himself. Packed with cameos and pop culture references, including David Bowie and Billy Zane, this movie also launched one of the most famous ‘looks’ of all time: Blue Steel. A relentlessly quotable movie, still fondly remembered by those that saw it when it first came out, it has unfortunately aged somewhat poorly, which was evidenced in its critically panned sequel. Nevertheless, the chemistry between Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pops, resulting in a very funny, if slightly stupid, comedy classic.

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Drink When Zoolander Drinking Game

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