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Wreck-It Ralph Drinking Game

Wreck-it Ralph Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Medal” 🏅
  • Ralph wrecks something 👊
  • Felix fixes something 🔨
  • Vanellope glitches
  • You see the outside world

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Ralph” for an additional 60+ drinks


“I’m gonna wreck it!

– Wreck-It Ralph

📽 Watch the trailer

John C. Reilly voices Ralph, a video game villain who decides he’d like the be the hero for a change. Setting out with the best intentions, Ralph accidentally wrecks everything, throwing the whole arcade into turmoil and putting his fellow video game characters at risk. Keep an eye out for plenty of easter eggs and references to classic video games, as this charming movie features them in abundance. This movie also has the added benefit of having its actors record their dialogue in the same room, allowing for a lot of improvisation. It’s not a standout Disney entry, but it’s still heartwarming and funny in all the right places.