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Thor: Ragnarok Drinking Game

Thor Ragnarok Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Someone says “Thor”
  • Someone says “Asgard”
  • Valkyrie drinks
  • Anyone travels through a portal 🌈
  • Another Marvel film is referenced
  • There’s slow motion

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Odin” for an additional 20+ drinks


“I don’t plan to stop drinking.

– Valkyrie

📽 Watch the trailer

The stakes have never been higher for Asgard in this third installment of the Thor series. The Goddess of Death has returned, and Ragnarok is on its way. Will Thor be able to save his world from its inevitable destruction??? Sounds predictable, sure, after all this is the 13th in the Marvel series. But we kid you not, this is the best Marvel film yet. Hands down. Directed by the brilliant Taika Waititi, the writer/director of What We Do in the Shadows, this movie is as hilarious as it is exciting. And hey, JEFF GOLDBLUM!