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The Room Drinking Game

The Room Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Oh hai”
  • Anyone says “Mark”
  • Johnny laughs
  • Someone enters / exits the front door
  • Lisa doesn’t love Johnny anymore
  • Sex 🌹

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Johnny” for an additional 60+ drinks


“Do you understand LIFE? DO you?

– Johnny

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Oh hai, Mark. And welcome to the best bad movie ever made. This baffling masterpiece, written, directed, produced and starring “auteur” filmmaker / underwear salesman Tommy Wiseau, has sparked such a cultural phenomenon since its premiere in 2003 that James Franco took it upon himself to make an Oscar-nominated movie about the production of The Room, with himself starring as the enigmatic and impenetrable Tommy Wiseau. No one knows his age, where he’s from, or how he came up with the $6,000,000 it took to make it.

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Drink When The Room Drinking Game

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