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The Matrix Drinking Game

The Matrix Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Matrix”
  • Anyone says “Morpheus”
  • You see the green computer code
  • A phone is used 📞
  • There’s slow-motion / bullet time

EXTREME VERSION: Add in “Neo” for an additional 45+ drinks

“I know kung fu.

– Neo

📽 Watch the trailer

Do you know kung fu? Because thanks to this iconic movie, Keanu Reeves certainly does. This film skyrocketed to fame when it was released in 1999, largely thanks to the revolutionary visuals, such as the famous “bullet time” in which Keanu Reeves dodges bullets in slow motion. The Wachowski siblings were extremely set on getting their vision right, writing 14 different screenplay drafts, and spending their entire initial budget on the opening scene alone—gambling that the studio would give them the budget they wanted after seeing their fully realized vision. A gamble that paid off, resulting in the cult classic so many know and love today. Whoa.