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 The Bachelor Drinking Game


The Bachelor Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Someone says the name of the current Bachelor (Colton)
  • Anyone cries
  • There’s a kiss
  • A rose is given out 🌹
  • You see a rose on a table 🌹
  • A cocktail conversation is interrupted
  • Someone suggests “She isn’t here for the right reasons.”
  • Anyone speaks one-on-one with Chris Harrison


“Is anyone drunk yet from taking shots every time they say ‘virgin’?”


– Colton Underwood

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A reality show for the ages, where one able bachelor must pick a wife out of thirty women that he has never met – and all in front of the cameras. Watched loyally for years by an audience that ranges from hopeless romantics to stoned college kids just learning the definition of irony, this show has been so successful that it has generated two equally entertaining spin-offs: The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. It has such a following that, at this point, we can basically divide humanity into two groups – those that watch The Bachelor, and those that deny they watch The Bachelor.

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Drink When The Bachelor Drinking Game

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