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Stand by Me Drinking Game

Stand By Me Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Vern/o”
  • Anyone says “Ray Brower”
  • There’s narration
  • The boys trash talk each other or someone
  • There’s an oldies song 📻
  • The boys sing

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Gordie/o” for an additional 35+ drinks

“Chopper, sick balls.

– The Narrator

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Four young boys in the 1950s set off on a quest to find the body of a local kid supposedly hit by a train in this classic coming of age story. Directed by Rob Reiner, who feels it’s the best film he ever made, it features a remarkable cast of young actors whose chemistry and courage suck you in, making the film timeless despite all the golden oldies playing in the background. Adapted from a novella by Stephen King, its one of those rare adaptations that actually captures what it’s like to read one of his books. An enduring classic about the bittersweet, fleeting nature of childhood friendships and childhood itself, it’s a movie that we will keep returning to again and again.

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Drink When Stand By Me Drinking Game

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