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Coco Drinking Game

Pixar Coco drinking game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Coco”
  • Anyone says “Music/ian”
  • Anyone sings or plays music 🎼
  • You see the photograph
  • You see a Spirit Animal ✨

EXTREME VERSION: Add in “de la Cruz” for an additional 35+ drinks


“Remember me.”

– Ernesto de la Cruz

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Surprise, Pixar has done it again! After tackling mental illness and loss of youth in Inside Out, Coco instead turns its lense to the even heavier topics of death and the afterlife. Handled with Pixar’s typical grace and peppered with their reliably remarkable insight, you probably won’t make it out of this one with dry eyes. But what did you expect? It’s a Pixar movie! In addition to its touching story, this movie also boasts some fantastic music wonderfully performed by Gael Garcia Bernal, Benjamin Bratt and newcomer Anthony Gonzalez.

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Drink When Pixar Coco Drinking Game

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