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A Christmas Prince Drinking Game

A Christmas Prince Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “King”
  • Anyone says “Prince”
  • Anyone says “Richard”
  • There’s a shot of the castle
  • You hear Christmas music 🎄


“Forget fashion week, what do you know about the royal family of Aldovia?

– Mrs. Averill

📽 Watch the trailer

Christmas fans rejoice! Netflix has figured out that they too can make B-movie Christmas films that feel like they’re lifted out of a Hallmark card. Their first entry into the schmaltzy Christmas genre is this one – about a junior editor at a gossip magazine who is sent to cover the coronation of a reclusive prince from a made up country. And guess what? He’s single! Will she be able to bond with his paraplegic sister and win over his royal, yet wounded, heart? If you want to turn off your brain for an hour and a half, this one is actually not without its charm.