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Jurassic Park Drinking Game

Jurassic Park Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Dinosaur”
  • Anyone says “Grant”
  • “We spared no expense” or “Chaos Theory”
  • Anyone screams
  • You see a mosquito 🔬
  • A dinosaur kills someone
  • You hear the theme music


“Hold on to your butts.”

– Arnold

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Life finds a way—and so does Steven Spielberg, the apex predator of Blockbuster movies. Spielberg was so excited by the idea of dinosaurs coming back to life when it was introduced to him by the author of the book Michael Crichton, he bought the film rights before the book was even published, and began storyboarding before there was any script. While generating some decidedly average sequels, the original still holds the test of time, as do its impressive CGI and visual effects. Come for the dinosaurs, but stay for Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm, the rockstar mathematician, sunglasses-at-night chaos theorist clad in all black leather.

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Drink When Jurassic Park Drinking Game

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