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Bright Drinking Game

Bright Drinking Game

Drink When

  • Anyone says “Bright”
  • Anyone says “Ward”
  • Anyone says “Orc”
  • Someone uses the Wand
  • Orcish or Elvish is spoken
  • There’s extreme slow motion

EXTREME VERSION: Add “Wand” for an additional 50+ drinks

“This is not a prophecy face. This is a bad night face.

– Daryl Ward

📽 Watch the trailer

Though critics largely panned this movie, audiences enjoyed it, and it marks a big step forward for Netflix’s burgeoning film canon. This is one of those movies where the pretentious among us need not apply. But if you’ve ever thought that Bad Boys would be better with elves, orcs and magic wands, then hot damn, is this movie for you! Full of car chases, gun fights, magic and, of course, Will Smith, it’s a movie that has a little something for everybody. Director David Ayer, of Suicide Squad acclaim, had this to say about the negative reviews: “Highest compliment is a strong reaction either way… It’s a big fun movie. Every movie is labour of love for me, and I’ve never chased an audience.”