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The Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

(Updated Dec. 14th 2017)


Save yourself some torrent space and some time by checking out these holiday picks that are already at your finger tips. As Christmas movies on Netflix are added or removed from, we’ll be sure to update this post to roll with the holiday punch(es). 🍷

There’s a shocking abundance of Christmas movies out there, but on Netflix it’s slim pickings. Many of the available ‘films’ are forgettable Hallmark movies, most of which star Full House alumnus Candace Cameron Bure.

We’ve assembled an unfortunately short list of the best and most classic Christmas movies on Netflix, so you don’t have to scroll through the long list of movies that are far from holiday classics.

🍁 Canadian? Here’s a list of The Best Christmas Movies Currently On Netflix Canada


Interested in playing a Christmas Movie Drinking Game?

We’ve provided a drinking game link for any of the movies we already have games for. We’ll be adding more games throughout December, because ’tis the season. 🍸


Here are the best Christmas movies on Netflix:


Happy Christmas (2014) 🍅 75%

 Christmas Movies On Netflix - Happy Christmas

A gently funny independent film about black sheep Anna Kendrick spending Christmas with her brother’s family. Keep an eye out for Lena Dunham!


White Christmas (1954) 🍅 77%

Christmas Movies On Netflix - White Christmas

Even if this one is a little too dated for you, this is an undeniably iconic Christmas film. Two veterans from World War II who like to sing and dance team up with two sisters that also like to sing and dance and together they fight to save a Vermont Inn on Christmas with their combined singing and dancing skills.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 🍅 53%

Christmas Movies on Netflix - The Grinch

From IMDb, “The prosthetic make-up Jim Carrey wore took about 8 hours to apply. Carrey felt so horribly confined and uncomfortable in the latex skin he needed counselling from a CIA agent who taught him torture-resistance techniques.”

So you pretty much owe it to him to watch the movie.

🍺 There’s a Drinking Game for this film: How the Grinch Stole Christmas Drinking Game


Bad Santa (2003) 🍅 78%

 Christmas Movies On Netflix - Bad Santa

Alcoholic sexual deviant Willie poses as a department store Santa in order to rob the place on Christmas Eve. Is this a movie drowning in its own vulgarity? Yes.

Will it fill you with Christmas Cheer? Somehow, the answer is also yes.

🍺 There’s a Drinking Game for this film: Bad Santa Drinking Game


Bad Santa 2 (2016) 🍅 23%

Christmas Movies On Netflix - Bad Santa 2 

Alcoholic sexual deviant Willie is back and once again posing as Santa in order to rob a place on Christmas Eve. Is this movie a disgusting mimicry of the far more subtle character study that is its original? Yes.

Will it fill you with Christmas Cheer? Dear God no, it’s terrible. It’s written and directed by the same guy that made the Entourage movie. Take from that what you will.

🍺 There’s a Drinking Game for this film: Bad Santa 2 Drinking Game


The Santa Clause 1-3 (1994-2006) 🍅 75-15%


Tim Allen as Santa? In three separate films of vastly varying quality? How can you lose??? If you’re not already sold, in the third one, Martin Short plays Jack Frost in a performance which Rotten Tomatoes described as “an evil cross between Liza Minnelli and Liberace.” You’ve been warned.


The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) 🍅 94%

Christmas Movies On Netflix - Nightmare Before Christmas

“Hey wait, didn’t you have this in your list of Halloween movie drinking games?”

Yes, yes we did. This is a rare film that works for both holidays. If a skeleton can discover the Christmas spirit inside of him, than you can too.

🍺 There’s a Drinking Game for this film: The Nightmare Before Christmas Drinking Game


And they may not be classics yet, but Netflix has begun to produce their own brand of sappy Christmas films. Don’t worry – we’ve got drinking games for these ones too:

A Christmas Prince Drinking Game


That’s all there is for now.

The variety of Christmas movies on Netflix could be better. In particular, gaining access to: A Christmas Story, It’s a Wonderful Life and Die Hard would be great additions to any streaming service.



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